Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Am Such A Bad Blogger!

Geez! I can not seem to keep up with this blog! Ok last weekend was pretty busy! On Saturday morning we went to Brookwood and had lunch with my mom, grandma, and aunt. After lunch we shopped around the store. All of the Christmas stuff is so pretty!
Adelynn and I at Brookwood
After Brookwood we went home and I got Adelynn ready for her first Halloween Party. She had alot of fun and we are really looking forward to next Halloween when she can walk and run around, and somewhat enjoy it!

Its hard to get all three of them to look at the camera:-)
And on Sunday Adelynn had her Halloween pictures taken. Chris and I went there thinking that she wasnt going to smile, since she never smiles for us! I dont know what that photographer had that we dont have but she loved him! I will post a couple of my favorites!

OK so I ended up posting pretty much all of them!

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