Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Ok so I am a day late for the Halloween posting, but oh well:-). Saturday I had to work so Adelynn stayed with Aunt Tricia for a while. I ended up buying a little Pumpkin costume, Adelynn was mommys lil punkin! We didnt do much this year for Halloween. We went to dinner with Tricia and Justin then walked around Tricias subdivision. Chris didnt get off work until 9 so he didnt get to participate this year. A couple months ago Chris and I decided to extend one of our flower beds and plant a Magnolia Tree. The bed has been empty and in need of some shrubs, flowers, etc so we decided today was a perfect day for planting! We woke up, cleaned house, then we went to the plant place. Adelynn was a big help watching us in exersaucer! And I was a big help being the photographer!

We have finally decided to get Adelynns pack n play out! If we would've known how much she loves to nap in it we wouldve gotten it out a long time ago!

So Chris has been telling me for weeks we are going out of town next weekend for our Anniversary but he wouldnt tell me where! Well today in the car he slipped and told me we were going to San Antonio. I kind of figured that because I knew we werent going to the casino and I knew we werent going far! And I hate surprises so I thought alot about it:-) It will be nice to get away but hard to leave Adelynn! I cant believe she will be 6 months next Saturday! It seems like yesterday we were going to the hospital every week for ultrasounds and non stress tests! Boy does time fly!

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