Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Eye Update!

Ok so I thought I would give you an eye update before our 6 month check up next week. Adelynns blocked tear duct has been an ongoing battle since she was born. Just in case you arent sure what a blocked tear duct is or does, it causes your eye to tear 24/7 and clog up with eye boogies! When Adelynn wakes up in the mornings or after a nap her eye is sometimes completely stuck shut and its really sad:-( We took her to the dr a few times and he said it is very common in babies but normally goes away by the time they are 1. He said to massage it but to bring her back if it got red or swollen. Well it got to the point where it was red, swollen, and just flat out irritated! We took her in to see Dr. Spinner and what do you know, she had an infection. They gave us drops to put in, those drops didnt work. They gave us stronger drops to put in, those didnt work. We went back in and they put her on oral antibiotics, and guess what, that didnt work either! So her dr told us if none of this cleared up the infection, we would see an opthamologist and she would need to have surgery to open the tear duct up! He said it is not a fun procedure but she will need it done. Chris and I are not happy about her needing surgery but we just want her eye to get better. We go to the dr next week for her 6 month check up and we will discuss opthamologists and etc. We will keep you posted....

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